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Term of uses: This program is only for personal use. The installation of monitoring tools on computers that's not yours or haven't permissions for do that, may violate local, state or federal law. Remote-Keylogger software is a monitoring solution with remote surveillance features, for your personal computer. Please consult legal counsel if you have questions regarding your specific use circumstances.
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Remote-Keylogger works with my internet conection?

Yes!, Remote-Keylogger Workswith all the internet conections, without limit with local networks areas (LAN), cable, DSL, ADSL and dial-up. The speed for upload register files depends of the your internet service.

Is my Remote-Keylogger account protected? Anyone can access to my account?

Remote-Keylogger uses a lot of security measures to maintain security and integrity of your personal information. Sensitive information transmitted between you and our website is encrypted using SSL and can only be accessed with your user name and password.

Can active Remote-Keylogger from external units or CD-ROM?

Yes, Remote-Keylogger can activate with a copy of the executable file.
Just copy and execute the file on the hard disk of the computer to be monitored.
Only you know it's there, but none of the others users of your computer will know that you are monitoring. Activation is completely simple and runs instantly. The program operates 100% invisible.

How I can see the recorded data (logs) in my personal account?

After registering on our website, you can access the private area of Remote-Keylogger where you can check records all organized by date and time. Through the web andanywhere you can track and monitor all activity performed on the PC, even in REAL TIME!.

How to uninstall Remote-Keylogger?

Easy, from de control panel in private área you can have an option to uninstall, without a trace of the software on your computer. The records in your account will remain until you decide to delete them. You can also uninstall it locally an manually, using the same intaller file.

Which operation systems are compatible withRemote-Keylogger?

Remote-Keylogger is compatible with all of the internet browsers and is 100% compatible with Windows 7, Vista, XP, NT, 2000, ME, 98.

What happend when the user execute the aplication Remote-KeyLogger Activator?

Once you or a user of your computer open the executable activator file, a window appear andyou will be asked to enter an ID (string used to uniquely identify the PC) After entering the ID and clicking on the button to activate, Remote-Keylogger is ready to do its job.

Where records are stored remotely?

Records are stored on our dedicated servers, I mean, all records are stored encrypted in our database, and only you through your personal account you can access them. The operating mechanism is analogous to that of a mail server that stores e-mails.

If I have firewall actived, Remote-Keylogger can work?

You can leave the firewall enabled, antivirus or antispyware, Remote-Keylogger will worked excelent.

Can I use Remote-Keylogger on several computers?

Yes, you can monitor multiple computers (up to 5 at the moment) simultaneously through your personal account. From the user panel in a private area you will have the option of adding new equipment to monitor, for which assigned a unique identifier per team which must enter when you run the software on the PC you want to control.

How often logs are sent?

The records are updated at intervals of 5 minutes as long as there existed considerable activity on the computer (when the record in the monitored PC exceed 10kb in size are sent to the server). The machine under test must be on and connected to the Internet for updates to occur.

What is the price of Remote-Keylogger?

You can use the software for 3 days, then depending on the time of use of the software you need, you can choose the type of license you prefer, that suits you, at very affordable prices. Payments are made securely by credit card, WesterUnion or MoneyGram.
If you have any questions, please contact us.