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Term of uses: This program is only for personal use. The installation of monitoring tools on computers that's not yours or haven't permissions for do that, may violate local, state or federal law. Remote-Keylogger software is a monitoring solution with remote surveillance features, for your personal computer. Please consult legal counsel if you have questions regarding your specific use circumstances.
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Powerful is a project developed by a group of young independent developers whose goal is to provide users a comprehensive solution for auditing and security.
The idea came after noticing the same common needs of many internet users, in the 2011 does not exist (or very few) programs that allow efficient monitoring a PC, either to control their children, monitor their employees or just control if your computer is used properly. Most or many of the people who want to make use of similar applications should have computer skills or spend time in settings.

Our project was founded with the aim of eliminating all these points and allow the "common user" after giving the possibility to make 2 clicks to start monitoring your computer from anywhere.
After working hard for about a year, today we are proud of the final result and have developed a monitoring application more effective and efficient you can find. Each time a user makes us grateful and pleased that all that time and effort invested in this project worthwhile.
We are a team of Uruguayan programmers, fans for technology and systems development.
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