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Term of uses: This program is only for personal use. The installation of monitoring tools on computers that's not yours or haven't permissions for do that, may violate local, state or federal law. Remote-Keylogger software is a monitoring solution with remote surveillance features, for your personal computer. Please consult legal counsel if you have questions regarding your specific use circumstances.
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Logs all keystrokes
Instant messages
Visited websites
Used aplications
Windows titles
Used passwords
User names
Chat conversations

Powerful monitoring software:
# Check your Compute rremotely with no need to be in the place.
# Customized user account.
# Control your children or employees with the easiest and most effective way.
# Know what happens on your computer while you're not at home.
# New feature that allows monitoring on REAL TIME!
How it work?
Remote-Keylogger features:
The most powerfull and easiest monitoring tool on the web. No need any computer knowledge. No complicated settings.With only a Click, youremotely monitored with your personal account, all activity that happened on the target PC.With stealth and absolute confidentiality you can access to:
When you're register,you will have access to the control panelto start to monitor up to 5 computers. Which are identified by a unique number,that will be automatically assigned. Then you just need to use our activator to Remote-Keylogger can do its job.
Once actived on the remote PC, Remote-Keyloggerstarts logging all PC activity in strictest confidence. (chats, e-mails, open Windows and absolutelyeverything that is typed).
All the activity recorded be send to your personal account on our servers, which remain available all the 24 hours of the day.
With any internet browser oreven from your cellphone,you can access to our private área, to see all the activity on your computer.
All the recorded will be organized in tabular form by the date and time. Giving to you the hability to search a particular day and particular time.
You will be able to uninstall the software at any time, even remotely, with no need to be on the monitored computer.